Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day of Sewing and Other Stuff

 Image of 1303 Saltspring Dress

 I plan to spend the day finishing my Saltspring Dress for the sew along. It is actually a sew-along-behind-everyone-else because I have to do more than one or two seams at a time. I am an all-in sewist...


Here is a link to a great give-away from Gentleman Jim at the Fine Art of Tailoring. I've been following his blog for a month now and I've learned so much....He is giving away ten copies of his DVD on tailoring to ten lucky posters. So go on over to his blog and enter the contest. (And follow his blog because it is great....). Just read this post on darts and tell me you didn't learn something!!!

And this is the last week of summer vacation before the schools open for the new school year next week. So I will have to get into the groove of sewing on weekends and one night a week again. I did a lot of sewing this summer - four skirts, two t shirts (both turned out wonky) and two dresses. I plan to make my back-to-school bag for carrying all that teacher stuff...

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