Monday, September 23, 2013

Roll Collar Jacket Update

A quick update on my roll collar jacket - I finished the collar and I decided I need patch pockets because I didn't like wear (oops!) where the inseam ones sat and how much bulk they added. I also added belt loops - and I'll make a belt. The hold up is that while the jacket fits nicely, it isn't a fall jacket unless I can get a sweater under it. I need to widen the armholes and since I didn't make a muslin, I'm thinking a wedge shaped piece added to the coat and lining will have to work. Oh, and then I'm adding buttons - in keeping with my Scary September Challenge


  1. Hope your save for the arms works - the jacket looks great! Good luck with the buttons.

  2. Yes, I hope it does as well - because it is a nice jacket. I agree, the inseams would have been too bulky.

  3. Looking good so far :). Hope the armholes work out.



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