Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scary September Challenge...A Button-down Shirt/Blouse Each Week

On the Road to Sew Wear has a challenge (the Scary September Challenge) that is perfect for me. First, being a teacher, the new year comes twice a year: once in January, like everyone else, and once in September, at the beginning of the school year. This is the time for me to begin a new sewing habit. So for the Scary September challenge I am going to make a button-down blouse/shirt each week. 

Here is the pattern (last month's freebie from Style Arc) 

Versatile blouse with gathering at the front
Style Arc Patterns' Brenda Blouse

And here is what I have done so far...

The fabric is slippery (a polyester rayon blend) so next time I will use tissue paper (and since next time is in the next two weeks, I will really be able to report on the difference tissue paper can make). I learned this tip from Gertie's blog.

I looked over the Style Arc instructions which were adequate. I would have no problem making this shirt with the instructions provided, even though I haven't made a button-down blouse before. The instructions were clear and the drawings were fabulous. (Maybe I'm a visual learner?) However, I was lucky enough to have read closely the tutorial series by SarahLizSewStyle  as it was posted. 
I have gone back to it to read different parts again. I am going to have to pick up New Look 6963 for this challenge...


  1. That is looking great. Very intrigued - can't wait to see the finished product as I have this pattern too.

    1. I love Style Arc patterns. They take all the guess work out of fitting.

  2. Hi- the shirt you are making is a little different from the New Look one that I covered - this one has a collar band from the sketch, and may well have a separate front band for buttonholes and buttons. But the principles are much the same - a collar band is just like a second collar constructiono - only the collar is tucked inside. It's going to look nice - and polyester is slippery - tissue paper is good for that - I use it for anything that can also get caught in the feed dog - fine, sheer fabrics.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the info - and for your amazing tutorials! I would never have tried these shirts without them.

  4. You're a sewing machine, lady!

    I can't wait to get back to Manila and my sewing/inspiration station. As it is, I'm slowly getting back to blogging after several months' hiatus and sabbatical.

    Happy week!
    Kelley ~



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