Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Plan to Finish My Roll Coat This Weekend...

I haven't had time to finish my roll coat lately. I've been pretty busy at work. Things should start to get into a manageable routine soon enough, so I can get back to sewing soon.

I think I can salvage my sleeves - I've added wedges to them and they are more roomy. Pics on the weekend.

I also have been thinking about sewing a lot...I bought some Style Arc patterns and of course, the Zinnia skirt pattern from Colette. I also bought some Craftsy courses (see below). I enrolled in the free sewing machine course and then they emailed me the "buy another for $25 offer" and I took them up on it 4 fold...


  1. I find I do lots of thinking about sewing, and buying fabrics and patterns when I can't sew due to busyness as well - it gets quite expensive :)



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