Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Renfrew and Some Updates

I made another Renfrew and I fixed the collar on the red t-shirt Renfrew I posted last week. It is in the wash, so you'll have to wait for pics

I found this knit fabric in the bedding section of a thrift store...and it was barely enough but I managed a Renfrew from it ....The match in the picture is from the burn test I did. It's cotton.

I'm home alone so no pics with me wearing it....yet

This finishing band at the bottom was cut on the cross-grain. IT seems fine now but I don't know how it will hold up over time.

I realized that to overcome this sewing drought of mine, I need to chunk my projects. I've decided to cut my fabric on one night and sew on another. That way, the tasks are small and do-able. 

My next shirt ( I need shirts!) is already cut. It's a New Look Pattern 6150

  It's cut out from some blue knit fabric from my stash. Hopefully I can finish this shirt (it's only four pieces) during the week. 

February 1st marks the first day of Victoria's Fearless February Challenge. This and Beverly's Scary September Challenge really seem to reinvigorate my sewing.

My challenge choice: jackets and blazers. I am always cold and this is a cold, cold winter and likely a long, cold spring too, so some jackets will do me well. I am planning on doing the Colette Albion Sew-along  (but I will be following after the schedule posted as I can never keep up with these things). I'm going to make at least one blazer and a few open, knit jackets. Not too much, not too little.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mystery Yarn-bomber Leaves Scarves Around Ottawa

It is really cold here in southern Ontario. Really, really cold. Something like -30' C with the windchill. Brrr,

photo source

I just had to pass along this heartwarming story about an anonymous crafter in Ottawa. S/he knit 14 beautiful scarves and placed them on park statues overnight. The scarves brightened up the statues and came with a card that read "I'm not lost..."

This crafter left these gifts for anyone who may be out and about in the cold. I thought about her today when I lent a scarf and mittens to a child in my class walking home in only a coat. Wow. I hope this catches on...

Watch the video or read the article at CTV News about this Ottawa crafter

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Quick Renfrew Cowl Neck...

To overcome my sewing slump I turned to a TNT pattern - the Renfrew top - I used fabric from my stash and sewed this up in an hour.

This is some really cool textured knit fabric I picked up at a sale a few years ago. I ended up using the wrong side of the fabric because I liked the textured appearance better....

This is my well-used copy of the Sewaholic's Renfrew. I lengthened it ages ago because I like my tops a bit longer. I don't know if you can see it properly, but I fused interfacing to the pattern to make it more durable. While it works, I think next time I will trace a well-loved pattern...which poses the problem of how will I know it is a good pattern until I've cut it out a few times...

Here is my one hour top! Sewing slump over...

oh and what is up next... fixing this debacle

I cut this out ages ago and abandoned it because I lost a piece of fabric for the neckline. I'm thinking about saving this project by using some of the grey fabric used for the Renfrew above. (This red one is for a t-shirt version, not the cowl neck version...)

What do you do to overcome a sewing slump?

Monday, January 6, 2014

How Much Fabric? Cards and A Little Metal Broom

Ugh, winter. It is supposed to be -40'C tonight with the wind chill.

But on to happier things. I thought I would review my best acquisition from last year ( no all-time best acquisition) and my newest one, bought last weekend.

Last year the most useful sewing notion I acquired was the "How Much Fabric? cards". I keep them in my purse and I pull them out all the time. It helps keep costs down and it keeps me from having three metres of every fabric I buy....

how much fabric - skirts
Here's the link to Gwyn's site, if you want to buy a set. Again, this purchase pays for itself over and over again.

And my newest sewing notion ....

 Industrial Magnetics SSs1800 Magnetic Floor Sweeper

a " magnetic sweeper" or what I call a "metal broom" although it looks more like a squeegee than a broom.

 This is tool is marketed to anyone working outside your home on any projects with dangerous metal nails and metal in general. This tool picked up what I couldn't see...even staples that are otherwise missed by sight.The handle is a little wobbly but sufficient for the task; the height is adjustable too for uneven surfaces. I had roofers working on my roof and when they cleaned up, I noticed this item. And I immediately thought of the pins I lose on the floor during a given sewing project...

It's perfect because it can quickly pick up my pins and I won't be tempted to leave it near my computerized sewing machine (magnets and computers are a big no-no). It cost $15 but the cost on home lists it as higher, so buy it in the store if you can.


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