Monday, January 6, 2014

How Much Fabric? Cards and A Little Metal Broom

Ugh, winter. It is supposed to be -40'C tonight with the wind chill.

But on to happier things. I thought I would review my best acquisition from last year ( no all-time best acquisition) and my newest one, bought last weekend.

Last year the most useful sewing notion I acquired was the "How Much Fabric? cards". I keep them in my purse and I pull them out all the time. It helps keep costs down and it keeps me from having three metres of every fabric I buy....

how much fabric - skirts
Here's the link to Gwyn's site, if you want to buy a set. Again, this purchase pays for itself over and over again.

And my newest sewing notion ....

 Industrial Magnetics SSs1800 Magnetic Floor Sweeper

a " magnetic sweeper" or what I call a "metal broom" although it looks more like a squeegee than a broom.

 This is tool is marketed to anyone working outside your home on any projects with dangerous metal nails and metal in general. This tool picked up what I couldn't see...even staples that are otherwise missed by sight.The handle is a little wobbly but sufficient for the task; the height is adjustable too for uneven surfaces. I had roofers working on my roof and when they cleaned up, I noticed this item. And I immediately thought of the pins I lose on the floor during a given sewing project...

It's perfect because it can quickly pick up my pins and I won't be tempted to leave it near my computerized sewing machine (magnets and computers are a big no-no). It cost $15 but the cost on home lists it as higher, so buy it in the store if you can.


  1. Have the cards. Liking the look of the broom!

  2. I have the cards as well ~ they are a permanent feature in my handbag ... J

  3. I really need to get those cards

  4. I'm so glad you like your cards! Thanks for the shout out! Try to stay warm and Happy New Year! :)

  5. I'm going . . . .! Good looking out.



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