Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mystery Yarn-bomber Leaves Scarves Around Ottawa

It is really cold here in southern Ontario. Really, really cold. Something like -30' C with the windchill. Brrr,

photo source

I just had to pass along this heartwarming story about an anonymous crafter in Ottawa. S/he knit 14 beautiful scarves and placed them on park statues overnight. The scarves brightened up the statues and came with a card that read "I'm not lost..."

This crafter left these gifts for anyone who may be out and about in the cold. I thought about her today when I lent a scarf and mittens to a child in my class walking home in only a coat. Wow. I hope this catches on...

Watch the video or read the article at CTV News about this Ottawa crafter


  1. Sweet story :) Keep warm!!

  2. Yeah i heard about this story and it is a nice thing to do.

  3. I look forward to summer, when the statues will need wide hats instead.



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