Monday, February 24, 2014

Fearless February Project #2: Three Button Blazer

I am actually working on three different garments this week. This one - finished tonight- and the Albion coat from Colette as well as Angela Kane's Authentic Jeans Pattern. All are in various stages of finish. This one, New Look 6934, is finished. I have to say, it came together easier than I thought and it fits perfectly. I'm not great at altering patterns for fit, so I am happy that this one fit with little alteration at all.

This is the line drawing to New Look 6934. I've learned to study these more than the cover pic....

The buttons are green glass and they pick up the green of the fabric. I bought the fabric ages ago and I assume it is a polyester crepe but I really don't know. I liked the boucle-like feel to it.

I added pocket, which you can see in this profile picture.

And I found some matching rayon lining fabric . I must have bought these together, the match is so close, but I don't remember.
Keyhole buttonholes - three of them. I am nervous doing buttonholes but these were quick and easy.

Here is a close-up of the green glass buttons. I picked these up for a song from a garage sale last year.
Ta Da! I am happy and relieved that this jacket in finished. It truly addressed my Fearless February Challenge.


  1. Love it, what a great color and fit!

    1. Thanks. I wasn't sure about the fit but I guess I am just used to loose tops. I plan to make many jackets/blazers this spring.

  2. Beautiful jacket!! I love how the fabric matches the lining exactly! Sometimes you don't want a splashy lining but rather something more classic and elegant.

    1. I must have bought the two fabrics at the same time...I am one of those people who like loud, silly fabrics to line a garment with but I do like the matching lining fabric this time too.

  3. Such a wonderful jacket and a beautiful color!



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