Monday, February 10, 2014

Finished Project: Wendy Pants

These are my Wendy Pants from Style Arc Patterns. I love the pattern and the fit but not the fabric. It is a bengaline but not THAT bengaline. I found it at Fabricland in Toronto. It had a nice stretch to it and I had to cut it on the cross-grain. But I just don't love the polyester feel to the pants.

As always, the Style Arc sizing is great. I love the pattern. I did add a side zip though....

And I cut off 4 plus inches from the bottom before hemming these pants.

In keeping with my sewing goals, I am posting one project a week. I already have my other project cut and waiting. And I am doing the Albion Sew-a-Long from Colette Patterns. I am still altering the pattern. I've decided to interline that jacket and maybe line it as well...


  1. They look great Nothy. If the fabric isn't perfect - chalk it up as a muslin and make a new pair. Did you add a zipper because the pants don't have a fitted waist? I've wondered about this pattern.

  2. Bad fabric choice. We have all been there. Ugh! Oh well, at least you like the pattern!



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