Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fearless February/March Challenge #3: The Albion Coat

Victoria's challenges always spur me onto bigger and better projects. Last year, I conquered pants and now they hold no power over me. I like sewing pants. This year, I am doing jackets. I hate buttonholes. But I have made three jackets now and buttonholes are becoming common place for me. 

I have been working on my Albion coat  for about three weeks. I found that on the first sitting, I got a good deal through the pattern. I only needed some fitting fixes and attaching the lining and doing the buttonholes. I put the coat down for a few days and that turned into a few weeks. I was so afraid this would become an unfinished project. The Albion sew-along (there are some amazing sewists with unbelievable style on the Facebook page) and the recent milder temperatures, spurred me to return to this project.  (When I started this project it was -19'C but it felt like -30'C with the wind chill...today it is a tropical 4'C.)

I didn't finish in time to enter it in the sew-along contest. I don't care. I feel so good about finishing this coat and having a spring/fall coat that I can actually wear, that I think that is better than any prize in the sew-along. Good luck to all the entrants who finished on time. 

Now the details of my coat: 

Faux Suede outer fabric - which is a bit stiff but will loosen with repeated washings - and recycled cotton bedsheets. This is a fall/spring jacket - not a winter jacket or I would have chosen heavier lining fabric.

I choose predictable buttons because I just couldn't find the bright red ones I had envisioned.

I need to add Velcro to the pocket flaps, I don't like the way they flap up. I considered buttons but I think they would get in the way of me actually using the pockets.

I aslo put in side seam pockets. The pockets for this pattern have huge square pockets that I wanted to cut down. Then I figured "why not?" and I am so glad I kept the large pockets. They just make this jacket more useful.

Added a pocket in the lining that you may not be able to tell here - I just wanted the secret inner pocket in case I ever need one.
It is 4'C today and I know spring is coming - despite the forecast for 15 cm tomorrow - because I have the frizzies again. All winter, I am cold but my hair is relatively straight and then spring comes and it widens over night and I can't get a comb through it....Still, I happy in my new coat.


  1. Love the coat. The inner pocket is a great idea, it's very handy to have a hidden pocket. My only concern with velcro on the patch pockets is that it sometimes hooks into things and pulls threads. Would that be an issue with gloves etc? I can't imagine the suede would be hurt by it. I get why you wouldn't want a button (I'm with you on that) but what about a snapper?

    I could not believe how warm it was when I stepped out for lunch today. I've got used to keeping some things in my winter coat pocket (passes to my client offices for example) and I was afraid of changing coats for a day and not being able to get into the office when it snows again tomorrow. But it will be nice to wear a lighter coat again.

    1. Oh good point! The Velcro would get all ugly with threads and other lint attaching to it. I will try snaps. (another new thing for me.)

  2. You're the third person I've seen that's made this coat and I love it. I passed on it when it first came out, now I want to take a second look. Your coat is wonderful!

    After having temps near 50F today, we're expected to get between 6 and 10 inches of snow and a low of 3F. Spring will be here...in May. =)

    1. I wasn't thrilled with the pattern when Colette released it but the sew -along convinced me to try it. It is really understated and now I am thrilled with it. This is definitely a classic to come back to and sew again and again.

  3. Great Coat, looks terrific on you! What about snaps on the pocket flaps? You could get large black ones that would be easy to open, but would be more 'tailored' than velcro.

    1. I will definitely look into snaps. The flaps keep flapping up and they are driving me crazy!

  4. You did GREAT!! I wish you would've had time to enter it into the contest. (I just saw your comment on Coletterie's winner's announcement post). I entered mine, but didn't win. I really didn't expect to. I am still relatively new to all this intermediate sewing stuff. I have always stuck with beginner sewing. I had a LOT of fun and learned a lot as well. Congrats on a well-made Albion!




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