Monday, March 3, 2014

Thoughts on My Wardrobe with Help from Colette's Wardrobe Architect

After spending weeks reading the Colette Wardrobe Architect posts, I realized that I am in dire need of this series. So I have been slowly working through what I have, what I need and what I want to wear.

  • My biggest problem is that I generally have one outfit style I wear everyday to work. But hey, many times I spend 15 minutes a day outside in below 0'C weather - I have to wear pants and boots to work.
  •  I also buy a lot of prints and then have few things for them to go with and so they go unworn.
  •  With some fore-thought I can pull together nice outfits that reflect who I am. 
  •  One big benefit to this, is because I sew, I have a lot of wiggle room. I can tweak things I own as I make myself a new wardrobe.

Here are some style boards I found online that I like.

With the exception of the flats, this is pretty much
what I wear all the time. I made the jeans this past week and look at that bag, does it just say Colette Cooper to you?  (Source)
This would be a slightly different silhouette that I could do almost immediately.

Here is one I aspire to, and I have the patterns to get going on them. Do you see a Hollyburn skirt or a Ginger skirt in there? (Source:

Summer dress, slightly lengthened to knee length, and in warmer colours. (Source)

Source: Colette Style Architect
Source: Colette Style Architect

So I am thinking: 4 dresses, 2 -4 skirts, 2 jeans, 2 nicer pants, 6 tops and blouses, a cape and the Albion jacket. That is a lot of sewing ahead of me.  (Actually one pair of jeans is finished and the ALbion is about half-way finished.)

Butterick 5982 and 5747
Burda Jeans Feb/2014 and the Lindsey Cape 6065and the Peasant Top and Ruffle Top, both March/ 2014

Thurlow Trousers
Renfrew top (Cowl and long-sleeved t-shirts)
Albion - mine is the longer version with a hood but it is for spring.
Ginger skirt and the Hawthorn and Crepe dresses below

But as I said, I currently have only one style and I should have three or four. I am aiming for two right now. I can only do so much sewing! These are the patterns I am thinking of making. Things change and some of these patterns may be changed out for others. But I love the idea of sewing the wardrobe I want.

Tonight: Cut out my Burda jeans pattern and rest. It has been a long day!


  1. Sometimes it is good to have a "uniform look" at work. You do have a lot of sewing ahead of you. I look forward to seeing the outcome.

    1. I am really enjoying coming back to sewing - after "my three month leave of absence" of sorts. I feel starved for sewing and for sewing blogs. SO I think I am up to the challenge.

  2. sounds like a good plan, I want to make more dress's, everytime I see the blue polka dotted one at the bottom it makes me want to make it lol! happy sewing!

    1. Oh i love polka dots too. There is something so whimsical about them! ANd I love dresses all summer long. Easy and they look good too.



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