Sunday, May 25, 2014

McCalls 6896 or What Should Have Been a One Night Quick- Make

MISSES'/MISS PETITE TOPS: Close-fitting and flared tops have neckline variations, princess seams and back zipper. (from the McCalls Website)

When I cut this pattern out, I thought it would be a quick project. The sizing ran way too large! I took in inches. I had a lot of trouble with the sizing. I find McCalls sometimes runs large.

I ended up making a few that were really done to save the top. Again, because this ran so big, I had to take in the princess seams about an inch and the side seams about two inches. Because of that the sleeves were way too big, so I gathered them to get them to fit. I was a bit worried about the end result, but I like the gathered sleeves. oh, and I shortened the peplum a bit too. I do like how it turned out though and I will make this top again.

Also, I need a new camera...this one is junk. Sorry for the sepia tones, I have no idea why it is doing that....


  1. why is it the simple ones seem to take the longest lol! I'm fighting a sleeveless lined dress & it's only 2 pieces lol! your blouse turned out great, all the fuss & hard work paid off!

  2. Thank you! I do like the final project... and I always figure that a project isn't a waste if I have learned something. With this project, I realized that my skills are so improved that I can confidently save a project that would have been scrapped a few years ago.

  3. I thought the photo colouring was deliberate - you are basking in a lovely warm glow :)

    I like how the top turned out - well worth making again, especially now you know what size to make. It suits you :)

    1. Thanks, I have become a lot more used to the lines of this top since I made it. At first, I was thinking of Jane Jetson but now, I've decided I do like it. (And I will make it again.)

  4. I love how the top turned out! Great job!

  5. That "sepia tone" is actually warm light cast by the light in the room (not the flash). The flash is cool or white light, so the camera is adjusting the white balance for that. You're camera is fine, and so is the top!



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