Monday, May 26, 2014

Poppins Bag Sewalong with Hot Mess (and the Belcarra Sewalong and the Mabel Sewalong too)

Introducing the..........Mommy Poppins Bag Sewalong from hot mess more or less
Mommy Poppins Bag Pattern
The bag is a pdf pattern that can be purchased from for $9 and the instructions are in comic book style...they're worth the $9 bucks alone

Mommy Poppins Bag Pattern - Sample Page -
Pics from

More information and dates for the sewalong will be along shortly from Hot Mess. I am very excited. I need someone to help me along in a project like sewing a bag - and I've always wanted a super cool bag like this one!

Please join us!

Okay, so right now...I am into sewing again. I seem to get some time and get very excited and then work becomes busy and I fall away for awhile. I have two short sew-along coming up. One for the Belcarra top from Sewaholic - I am in the middle of this sewalong - and starting next weekend, I will be doing the Mabel sewalong. Do you want to know what sold me on this skirt? One of Sarai's blog posts has a subtitle "better than sweatpants" and I thought "yes"! This skirt will be perfect for sitting around the house in all summer and short jaunts to the dog-park or the library. (I always dream of a lazy summer and it never pans out...)

Mabel Sewalong


1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for joining my sewalong. WOOT!

    I just made a Belcarra blouse actually and it's super duper easy. You'll love it!



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