Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finished Skirt - McCalls 6706

I have to admit, I wasn't sure about this pattern from the beginning. I liked the cover look but I wasn't sure it was for me. Still, I gave it a try. And while it isn't perfect, it is something I will wear (with the tweaking I did.)

Line Art
Here are the line drawings. I was going to make view D but I cut out the pieces for view C and didn't care for the asymmetrical skirt so I reworked it to look something like view A. (line drawing and cover photo from McCalls site.

I used a polyester knit fabric. So I had to cut out a size smaller than I did. Lots of reworking there. Then I had to add a band across the bottom to make up for the removal of the asymmetrical cut. Ugh. Lots of headaches, but I persevered.

 I ended up making the A-line feature of this skirt less - I did keep the basic shape but I made it less steep. 
Conclusion: This pattern is okay but the dramatic shape is just not me. I am getting better at sewing though, because I was able to work, and work a bit more, to save this skirt.

What's up next? An Adele Top from Style Arc in a fabulous fabric. It is cut out and waiting for me on my cutting table...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dollar Store Bag Re-Inforced and Refashioned...Sort -of

 My dollar store find had three things going for it: 

  1. I loved the design
  2. It was $2 
  3. I needed a tote bag for the summer

It also had quite a few things wrong with it:

  1. The fabric has a gross outdoor fabric feel 
  2. The stitching was not overly secure - in fact, it looked machine basted
  3. The zipper wasn't secured
  4. The handles frayed on one of the bags in the store....
I found these cool tote bags on a rack with a whole bunch of loud ugly tote bags at my local Dollarama. I loved the fabric. But after careful inspection I knew that I would need to do a lot of re-sewing...Still for $2 a piece, how could I walk away. (Look even my basset hound Elvis likes this fabric!)I decided to re-enforce the seams with another row of stitching and take off the fabric handles and restitch them entirely...

Can you see the top-stitching across the top of this bag. This was the stitching used for the entire bag. It looks more like a basting stitch than anything else. Also, the zipper was coming apart from the bag (it was sewn with the same basting stitch).

I removed the lining and zipper from the outer shell fo the bag and re-sewed every seam. It took about ten minutes - largely because it is easy to removed basting stitches.The outer-shell fabric had backing like you see on some tablecloths.

I had a few bags...just in case I needed the extra fabric for reinforcements....
Looking at the extra bag, I decided my tote needed an outside pocket...
Ta-da! My re-enforced dollar store summer bag with an extra outside pocket sewn on. What should I have added? Well, some sort of fold over latch with a snap or a buttonhole. The fabric is so cheap - definitely an outdoor fabric made of cheap polyester - that I found it difficult to work with. It frayed and frayed when I was re-sewing the seams. I had to finish every seam with a zig-zag stitch too. I guess they don't do that in Dollarama land where these are made....

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tried and True T-Shirt Pattern Search - The Second Attempt, New Look 6230

I cut out two of these and the second should be finished tonight. This first one I am quite pleased with the finished shirt.
I bought this fabric a few months ago and am only getting around to it now. I took the green fabric from my stash. It is a bit thinner than the main fabric but still works nicely.

I made the skirt last summer, from New Look 6235.
Better than the last t-shirt but still not a TNT.. I need to try others.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My search for the Tried-and-True Summer Top Pattern

Tried and True Summer Pattern Trial #1:  The Scout Woven Tee
From the Grainline webstore

  • that it is a woven tee pattern
  • the scoop neck
  • four pattern pieces (or three if you make your own bias tape or for that matter, buy it)
  • Even with four added waist darts and scooping out an inch from the bodice on either side, it is still rather shapeless.
  • This is a pattern for woven fabrics with a lot of drape or knit fabrics


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