Sunday, June 1, 2014

My search for the Tried-and-True Summer Top Pattern

Tried and True Summer Pattern Trial #1:  The Scout Woven Tee
From the Grainline webstore

  • that it is a woven tee pattern
  • the scoop neck
  • four pattern pieces (or three if you make your own bias tape or for that matter, buy it)
  • Even with four added waist darts and scooping out an inch from the bodice on either side, it is still rather shapeless.
  • This is a pattern for woven fabrics with a lot of drape or knit fabrics


  1. That is a very nice top - love the fabric. I can see what you mean by a bit shapeless. Maybe it needs to be as it doesn't have the stretch of a knit. I don't know as I don't wear woven tees but your post has made me rethink this. I might have to try one.

    1. Hi Beajay,

      This tpe of top in a woven just isn't for me...I'm going back to knits for t-shirts. But thanks, I do love the fabric too.

  2. I've always wondered about this top - I couldn't see how it could be anything but shapeless, from the sketch. I think it would work in something with a lot of drape, or a soft knit, but not a woven. Wovens do need darts, I think. I think you need something with a bit of shape in it - you would look lovely in princess lines. You have done a lovely job on the neckline and sleeves. Hope I don't sound too critical, just I agree with you :)

    1. Hi Sarah Liz, your comments are honest. And honestly, this top is one of the only things I've made in a long time that really looks homemade. Well, it isn't a waste if I've learned something. And I've learned that I need some shaping in my tops and dresses.

  3. I echo BeaJay and Sarah Liz' comments. I think knit tees work best because the fabric allows for shaping. Without lots of darts/seams/pleats or something, a tee made in woven fabric will not take shape.



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