Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Typing-Themed Ginger Skirt and a Pattern Diet

 My latest Ginger skirt:

I found this fabric at a thrift store and I had just enough for a Ginger skirt. I love the print. It is a heavy cotton twill fabric, probably purchases in the home dec section. I love the typewriter font and I finally got around to making this skirt this week. It is amazing how this skirt looks so different in different fabrics. My next Ginger will be a space-themed one, provided I can find fabric in a space theme for one. (I am giving a technology in education talk in August and I plan to wear a space age/technology skirt to it.)

This is the first butterfly I've seen this year. It stopped on the bricks outside my backdoor and graciously waited until I grabbed my camera to take a picture.Thank you butterfly.
 Pattern Diet

It's summer and I've been organizing my sewing room. I am amazed at how many patterns I've amassed.(Yup, amassed. I have hundreds!) Some I will likely never get to. So despite the new patterns at McCalls and the members' sale this weekend, I am on pattern diet. No more Big 4 patterns. Period. I will not restrict myself on indie patterns though. I love them, they are easy and I want to support the online sewing community. Sewaholic has two patterns coming out this summer and Colette has one coming out in July. Cake Patterns should have a new line this fall ( I LOVE all CAKE patterns and their wonderful sizing system). And of course, then there is Style Arc and my recently discovered Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick. I love their Manhattan Pants pattern.

Pros to the Pattern Diet
  • Save money
  • Stop amassing Big 4 patterns
  • Force myself to use the patterns I have now (I have tons)
  • Use more indie patterns
  • Find new (to me) Indie pattern designers
  • End up making clothes that fit and that look good from well-designed indie patterns
  • Since many indie designers have pdf file patterns, no need to store patterns at home


  1. Cute skirt. I love the print. I allow myself to buy Big 4 on the $1 sales but I have been buying more indie patterns lately. I love Sewaholic and SBCC, too. I'm working on the Manhattan pants and the Salt Spring at the moment.

  2. Skirt is lovely - very interesting fabric. Good luck with the pattern diet. I have tried - but like all other diets - failed :-)

  3. Kudos to you on the pattern diet. Your Ginger skirt is cute! Sigh, another pattern enters the sewing queue. =)

  4. with the big sales going on at Handcocks this is not a good time to go on a pattern diet , trust me I went! lol! cute skirt!


  5. I love this little skirt - and your sci fi one is going to be terrific.

    Pattern diets - yes, like L, the always work until you see another one you like - I think you have allowed yourself diet treats though, with the Indies, so that should work :)



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