Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Challenge Post One: Robson Trench Muslin

Victoria's Fearless February Challenge is on and I am steadily working on the first of two trench coats. I've completed a few muslins so far...

I've been working - and working, and working - on a muslin for the Robson coat. It's a big project so I thought I should take the time to make a muslin. And I'm glad I did. I had to really go between a few sizes to get the fit I wanted. I also had to really work on the arms - the sleeves were originally too narrow and too long. I used the sleeve cap tutorial from sewnews - a simple yet important change to my sleeves. As you can see in the pics below, I am trying this muslin on with a heavy sweater underneath. Spring is cold in Ontario and the idea of being cold will keep me from wearing my trench. I decided I need to be able to wear multiple layers under mine. 


  1. Good idea to take your time - and also a good idea to make it fit over the layers you will be wearing.

  2. I have got to keep reading to see your finished project. Did you write up a Pattern Review? I am so Sewaholic obsessed (can you say Robson x 1 and Minoru x 2 with another on the way for my baby)?





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