Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodbye Mr Spock, Spring 2015 Ottobre and A Burda Magazine Winner (but not in that order)

The Vintage Burda Magazine winner is...........Nhi. I'll send you an email shortly and post your Burda mag on Monday. I'll post the next vintage Burda magazine contest in a few weeks....

Today I received my issue of Ottobre Magazine and here is a preview:

This is definitely my favourite issue so far ...I've only been subscribing for a couple of years and I tend to like their designs....

And I couldn't let the day go without mentioning Mr Spock:
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Spock your $5 dollar bills....

Leonard Nimoy is gone and it hits me hard. I am a big fan. I feel a Star Trek weekend coming tribute

A friend and I have a running list of would-be-next-dead celebrities and while William Shatner is on that list, Leonard Nimoy never was...(Jimmy Carter, Phil Donahue, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are prominent on the list though).
It's a strange pass time.


  1. I'm excited about the magazine but so sad, too, about Leonard. I hope you have a great Star Trek weekend.

    1. Thanks Nhi and congratulations, your magazine will be in the mail shortly.

  2. Strictly speaking, "Spock"ing the $5 bill is illegal, so I'm sure you don't *really* mean to encourage that. But yes, it is sad that Leonard Nimoy has passed away.

    Our ancestors not so long ago did not even have photography, and almost no one could afford a portrait painter, so only memory and imagination could preserve the youthful image of those who had grown old or died. We've had photographs for well over a century now, and "talky" movies have been out for almost 90 years, but only now are we approaching the point in which young, healthy, happy people are preserved in color TV recordings, so familiar that we feel that we know them -- but they are all dead. It is bittersweet to see them as they once were, and jarring to realize that it is an illusion. Of course, it was an illusion all along -- the actors are not the characters, and however familiar they may be, they are not really personal friends -- but it is an illusion that reliably pulls us in.

    1. I know that writing on money is technically illegal but I still like the spockified $5 bill... and yes, there always is a shock when we see a tv personality in an interview and they've aged. Actually I met Henry Winkler in Los Angeles at a book fair and he was such a gentleman and so regal...not like the Fonz at all. And I did feel like I was talking to a childhood friend and not a celebrity whom I didn't know.

  3. Ottobre seems to have much nicer patterns than Burda magazine does nowadays.

  4. I find Ottobre patterns are more casual and wearable.

  5. Hi Nothy,
    I am excited to saw this magazine.

  6. Such reach collection of magazine is really rare. All the models are so cute and attractive. Thanks for sharing the great collection.



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