Monday, February 2, 2015

Sew Day - Snow Day

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On Sunday there was snow and snow and snow...
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I shoveled the driveway at 6 pm and by 8 you wouldn't have known that...and it snowed

The pattern runs from sizes 36 -44 and I tend to be a 44-46 but I think I sized up a bit too much. Still its a weekend sweatshirt, so I don't mind. I may make another, in blue, that is a bit smaller.

This is the second pick from the January Burda Challenge - finished today since everything is closed including the school I work at - so after 2 plus hours of shoveling, I turned to sewing.

I am also slowly working on two Robson coats for Victoria's February Challenge. I'll have the muslin pics and the fabric to show you for the next post...


  1. Wow, that is SNOW!! The red jersey is a real splash of cosy fun!

    1. Thank you is really red isn't it? and we're getting more snow on Saturday.



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