Monday, March 9, 2015

A Big List of Canadian Sewing Blogs And Growing

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I know there are lists of sewing blogs out there, and even a map or two of sewing enthusiasts, but I have nonetheless, created my own list and I hope it grows. If you know of a Cdn blog that isn't listed - a blog whose primary purpose is sewing rather than quilting or other crafts - please let me know in the comments and I will edit this list.

Updated - Feb 2017, thanks to so many new blog suggestions. Keep them coming so this list becomes current and comprehensive!

Ontario bloggers

The Wild Stitch - blog from Waterloo, and she has a podcast too!
Anna Zoe Pattern Vault
Gathering Threads - a blog for sewing and smocking

Sew Debbie

Weekend Crafting


Wardrobe Dysfunction

Stitch Parade - knitting, pottery, sewing, etc

Warp and Weft

All Style All Substance

How Unseamly

The Sewing and Life Adventures of Emerald Erin 

Fit Not to Fit

Always Sewing
Fashion Lehn

Chris Knits in Niagara

Sew Pretty In Pink

The Sewing Lawyer

Amanda Farquharson


Button and Needle

Kadance Kloth

Cherah Sews

Seams Like Crystal

Another Sewing Scientist

The Sewing Diet

The Straight Jacket Muse

Pattern Therapy ( I wish this was the name of my blog!)

Me and My Veritas
Sew Stash Sew

BC Bloggers

Sewaholic - patterns and a fabulous blog too

Elle C Sews

Sew Creative Blog

Crafting a Rainbow

A Colourful Canvas

Fabric Paper Thread


Everything Sewing

Falling Through Your Clothes



Tanit-Isis Sews - this is one of the first blogs I found!

Young Seamstress CarmencitaB

La Bobbin Filante


Fabric Maverick

Family Buzz

Finished Garment

Peg's Place: Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery

Miss Mouse Crafts - I am a Passionate Maker

The Minimalist Hypothesis

Caroline's Stitchin'

Adventures of a Young Seamstress

La Mani Doro

Incondite Le Grand

1 Seam at a Time

Nova Scotia

Sewing on the Edge

Atlantic Sewing Guild

The Beauty of a Stitch
The Sew Haligonian


Sew Passionista
Sisters of the Brush

Quilt, Knit, Run, Sew

Newfoundland and Labrador

Submarines and Sewing Machines

Simply Handmade by Lana - not a sewing blog but lots of fun with fabric crafts

Cdn but I don't know where in Canada

Creating in the Gap

A Passion to Create

Thread Riding Hood


Myrna Giesbrecht

The Fabulous Dr E


  1. What a great idea - wouldn't it be lovely to have a meet-up one day.

    1. I think a meet up of bloggers in one area or another would be great but a country-wide meet up is unlikely. It would cost a fortune!

  2. thank you for the list of bloggers!

    Rose in SV

    1. Your welcome! I loved putting this together!

    2. I went through my Feedly list and identified Canadian blogs that don't appear to be on this list (my sewing blogs are separated by nation). I hope the paste feature on my ipad works.

      Enjoy! Rose in SV

      Myrna Giesbrecht

      Young Seamstress

      Fabulous Dr. E

      StraightJacket Muse

      Pattern Therapy

      Sew Fit

      Sew Passionista

      Le Mani Doro

      Incondite Grand

    3. Wow, thanks Rose! I love reading new-to-me blogs...

    4. You are very welcome! :)

      Rose in SV

  3. great list, so many new blogs for me to explore

  4. Thanks for including me on your list! I love your puppyyyyyyyyyy!

    1. I love your blog so of course I had to include it...I get the feeling that I totally under-represented some of the maritime provinces though...hopefully someone will chime in with some blogs from there.

  5. thanks for the list, I can't wait to dive & meet them all, I love meeting other bloggers from around the world, not only do we learn new sewing tips but get in some culture along the way!


    1. I never thought of it that way - but you're right. Sewing and can anyone resist?

  6. Replies
    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

  7. Wow, thanks for composing and sharing the list. I'll have to check out some of them.

  8. Thanks for the list. I am a blogger and I can see my blog address listed I live in Calgary Canada ,

    1. Thanks I'll move you to the Alberta bloggers list...I love your blog Aminat!

  9. What a great list! Thanks for including me. I really need to get back into the habit of posting (and picture taking) since I have actually been sewing.

  10. Very effective list. I have checked some from the list and got good feedback. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Yay thanks for this list!! I'm so happy to be on it! But I should mention that I've recently moved from Hamilton to Belleville Ontario- so I'm a little more east now! :)

    1. Oh what a loss for Hamilton! I hope you enjoy Belleville. I love your blog!

  12. Wow, thanks for including me ! I just found you by way of your tag
    Iine on PR. I can help with a couple sew passionista is in NB and sew stash sew is Ontario, young seamstress is currently in QC but is from BC.

    1. Thanks I will add them right away. This post has gotten so much attention, its wonderful to see so many great sewing blogs from Canada

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  14. I just found your list today - tickled to be on it! If you're still updating it, you may wish to add Julie's blog, from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. :)

    1. sorry this took so long. And I am happy to add another Canadian blogger to the list

  15. Thanks, so excited to check out a new sewing blog.

  16. Nice list. You can add another sewing blog from the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C... Thanks!

  17. Thanks for listing my blog! Great idea to connect us Canadian sewers

  18. Hey!

    This list is such a fun idea! :) If it's at all allowed (and if you're still updating it) I would love to suggest myself. I blog over at: and am from south-western Ontario (Waterloo exactly). I also publish a sewing podcast with a huge Canadian representation.

    Other new CND bloggers you may enjoy are:

    1. Thanks, I am always happy to add (and find/read/follow) new blogs!



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