Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Burda Challenge Completed


These are sweat pants from the March 2014 issue that I made into pjs using fabric from my stash. I removed the cuffs and shortened the legs and miscalculated. So I have to add a cuff back in - in a different fabric. Also I omitted the pockets. Here is the link to these (I plan to make the cardigan on this page too).

I used a shirting cotton - I only had a little over a metre so I really had to 'measure twice and cut once'

I added these cuffs - from an old sheet that I have since used a muslin but luckily I had a little left over to add length to these pjs

Ta -da! February Burda Challenge Completed.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks -they were defintiely a quick make. I've been fixing a garage door all weekend and somehow made time to make these.

  2. They look great - and you are so versatile, from shovelling to sewing to home maintenance jobs.

  3. Il paraît super confortable. J'aime le jeu avec les rayures. Biz it's look so cosy. I lire the mix of ray fabric .kiss

  4. Good save on the miscalculation. Indeed these do look comfortable!

  5. Well, a good save on your part, although I was going to mention that I like my pyjama legs on the short side anyways! :)

  6. I love the look of these pants with the coordinating cuffs. It adds an interesting feature that breaks up all the vertical stripes. So what if it resulted because of a miscalculation.

  7. well done. Thank you for creative art. i like this pant style

  8. Nice line art drawing. It's an amazing versatile work. Thanks for sharing.



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