Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Decorations

I've fallen in love with fabric pumpkins...

fabric pumpkins by tatertotsandjello  15 ideas and tutorials for your crafty pumpkins

And I could find tons of pictures of well-made, enviable really, fabric pumpkins and even some promises of tutorials but most of the links were to dead ends. I guess this is a fad I am getting into after the rush!

Then I started thinking about pumpkin pincushions which would make these little critters functional as well as decorative. (And in my crowded sewing room, that is a plus!)

I found a tutorial for pumpkin pincushions here at the Fiskars website. It always interesting to read the instructions on these, because I would have gone about making it a little differently. (I would have made a stuffed ball all in one colour and then added a stem) but I prefer the matching of colours on this site....

I'm so busy these days that fabric pincushions is a small and realistic project for me right now. I am taking two courses - one a teacher's class and one is a creative writing class. And I have a goal to make Thursday nights my sewing nights....

If you are looking for a list of Halloween crafts, check out this post A Big List of Halloween Crafts


  1. I don't understand the decision to make a fabric pumpkin baby blue. In fact, only 2 of the 5 in the picture you show are mostly orange.



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